Below is a list of our Small Group leaders. If you would like more information about when and where our Small Groups meet or have some specific questions feel free to contact us. You'll also find our Small Group schedule on Up Next.

Rich Borden

Rich and his wife Alisa lead an Adult Small Group. This group will meet every other Wednesday in the Student Center. This group will be doing a continuation study of the sermon series of the month. 

Sue Kuzma

Sue leads an amazing Small Group for ladies of all ages. This Small Group meets every other Monday (opposite the Men's Small Group) in the Student Center. This study group will be going through the lives of fifty-two women in the Bible and what you can learn from each of their lives. 

Nathan Walker

Nathan and his wife Shawna lead a Small Group outfitted for young people. Anywhere from 18 to 28, married or single. They know the struggle of connecting with people that are similar in age and starting the journey of adult-hood, but they are doing it just like you. This may be the Small Group for you.  

Josh Musser

Josh and his wife Jenny have a Couples Small Group that meet during the summer in their home in the North Valleys.

Joe McCollam

Joe and his wife Keren head up our JOY (60 yrs and older) Small Group. This is an amazing atmosphere for fellowship and talking about all the things that God is doing in peoples lives. The JOY Small Group meets every other Thursday. 

Davy Martinez

Davy leads our Men's Small Group and it is a deeper Bible Study going through different books verse by verse. This group was designed around men that want to go a little deeper in the word of God.  It meets on campus twice a month on Monday evenings. 

If you have any questions about any of these groups or when they meet please contact us below.